Moral values you teach your kids are useless if you don’t practice them

I am a firm believer of “Children learn faster by observing than by listening to their parents”. If you are looking for a list of things that needs to be taught to your children or a number of ideas to work around I am very sorry to say that this is definitely not your cup of tea.  Sometimes we young mothers tend to get carried away.. With domestic chores, work and being a mom can be really taxing especially when children learn faster and from a lot of people they meet on a day to day basis. Yes, it is important to introduce and explain lot of meaningful concepts/principles at a very young age but at the same time it is definitely not going to work out if you expect your children to follow them blindly when you don’t. Now don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember the mantra is “slowly-patiently-steadily’.

Children tend to observe what you live by and let it into their subconscious mind without even realizing it.  I have done lot of mistakes while bringing up my baby girl. I have snapped and said few things very rudely (esp when I was working), i have used certain words without even realizing it. But it was my little sunshine helped me to change myself  to be better mother.

Here are few things that I learnt from her. Treat them like you treat any person.. apologize when you do something wrong, accept when you have made a mistake and voice it out, say sorry when you are late,  think twice before committing to anything, if you do commit try to keep up your word, be stern but not rude. Sometimes things you casually mention while chatting have greater impact rather than having a discussion. When your kid sees you being kind, polite, assertive, committed and truthful and honest, they will not need you to teach them any of this. Many a times a problem  can be easily handled by just asking them for ideas. Since it is their idea it works 100% of the time. I once asked my daughter why she never listens to me when she is playing in her school play area and what I should do to make her listen (I had tried a zillion things and ended up asking her) she simply said I just have to say “freeze” and she would immediately come with me!!!!! And it worked just fine. 🙂



Love-Respect-Fear-Save Nature! Only nature can save you!

One fine morning, after finishing off a Badminton game, my husband found this beautiful artist sitting on his car windshield.. He casually clicked it and showed it to me. Truly a marvelous creation of nature. The color just got me, the perfect border and those spots as though it was drawn after measuring the space. How can it be so flawless? With perfect harmony? Beautiful color? Pink and white lines?

Giving credit to God is going to open a whole range of discussion, I truly feel and believe that it is mother nature who loves each and every living and non living being equally. This always gives me a sense of peace and a warning

“Saving nature is not a service that you render; it is one’s responsibility”

Nature doesn’t need us! Only we need nature! The more we abuse it, the bigger we are going to pay for it! Mother nature can wipe us off the planet and give life to whole new range of species in no time. Only she can say, ‘anything is possible’. Beware and save earth before it is too late. To those who find this post a bit too dramatic, wake up and realize what is happening around you. Time to bring a change.. to make this heaven stay that way for the next generation. It is our responsibility to enjoy it and hand it over to others just the way it was given to us!

We don’t have to do anything on a larger scale. Don’t have to spend money. Just tiny steps,

  1. Stop wasting water.
  2. Consider nature as person you meet. Just be courteous and kind.
  3. You can not do anything as it pleases. You cannot pluck leaves/flowers or pull out a sapling while you are on a call.
  4. Don’t litter. Is it too much to ask for? If you visit another country, you follow all the rules. Why can’t you do it to keep your city clean and pollution free?
  5. Are you coming out of office/school/or college, pour the leftover water from your water bottle on to a plant.
  6. You run a company, just have a big drum to collect such leftover water and later use it on for watering plants.
  7. You live in an apartment, set up a terrace garden, work on patio gardening. It will be cheaper than the decor items you buy!
  8. As much as possible, spread the word. Don’t just do it for a day and stop.
  9. Teach all this to your kid. Teach your kid to love nature, respect nature and also to save nature. It will go a long way..


Book Review: How the kangaroo got his jump?


After a really long time, I have started writing again and this time I am planning on reviewing books, movies, events and places that are kids specific from a mother’s point of view. So here is my first post..

I picked this book for my 6 year old daughter. I wanted her to try a new genre apart from Dr Seuss and princess kinds. This book is about how a kangaroo asks different Gods in Australia to change his appearance and one of them sends yellow dog Dingy to chase him till the eve. The kangaroo tired of running the whole day finally hops with it hind legs shortened. It goes on for about 25 pages. If your kid has read couple of books earlier, then you can definitely try it. If they have just started then I will not recommend it, as it is pretty lengthy and not very interesting like a story with a fictional plot.

It is worth a read and has great illustrations by Priya Kurian which my daughter absolutely loved and I enjoyed it too. This books will definitely improve their vocabulary and reading skills. Have a good read!

Call it spiritual or not.. but surprising and peaceful it was..

We were expecting people doing yoga in a big hall surrounded by mirrors when we all boarded that train one night.. though the traveling was horrible, we were relieved to see that it had rained last night in Coimbatore! 😎  In less than fourty five minutes we reached isha yoga centre in a local cab. It was located at the foothills of vellangiri hills. It looked a bit shabby or should I say the ‘under construction’ kinds. But what we saw was just breathtaking!!




The majestic nandhi statue that welcomed us


I personally was not able to relate to the place religiously/spiritually! The ‘history’ and the logic they give for every activity was somehow not very convincing. But that did not stop up from admiring this marvelous place. It was so relaxing and peaceful. Two annoying things were – everyone calls you Akka/anna irrespective of your age 😨😠 and 24×7 you have to wear an id card else you get questioned a zillion times.

On a serious note, be extra careful esp if you are visiting with your kids. You will come across a snake at least once as you have to walk all the way out of this place to eat.

Final verdict : worth a visit

Yercaud – an escape from Chennai summer

Yercaud (aer-kaad) is a best option

1. when you want to badly get out for a short vacation

2. want to escape Chennai summer

3. when you can not take 3-4 days straight off from work

4. if you are heading to Salem or Vellore.  I decided to visit it for all these reasons plus two more: one was because it was my 5th wedding anniversary and most importantly I have a 3 yr old naughty girl who is uncontrollable and hence this becomes a safe hill station 😉 for my family.

After receiving a text from my COO saying “it is not right to take your company so casually” , I was all set to start.

Day – I

With no idea about routes, having enabled Google maps, we started on a Tuesday. We reached a place called Kupanoor about which I have never heard before. With 99% doubt about the route we chose, we continued and it took us to Yercaud Ghats luckily.  Even after seeing directions boards we always had a doubt if we were taking the correct route as this had no hairpin bends,  no traffic and not even a single hoarding or an ad on either side of the road. Most shocking part was the cleanliness!!


After reaching our hotel (GRT Nature Trails – Sky rocca), we came to know that we took a short route that is known only to locals. The reason for the roads being clean was  it being less visited by tourists. The hotel was really good except for the expired cookie packets, unattended reception desk, abnormally slow room service. The view was great and the awesome climate made all this negligible (cos those were horrible diet cookies, i had my maps for routes and food has to be brought down from level 4). Highlight was the skywalk – awesome terrace view at level four in a hill station!!! a must watch for anyone who visits yercaud.

Sky walk

Day – II

We were planning on spending the entire day covering tourist spots as the hotel arranged for sight seeing. We left the hotel at 10.30 AM with two  other families out of which one was newlyweds. We reached shevroy temple which looked very simple and usual from the outside, but the temple was actually located inside a cave and this was a surprise as I had seen the Google images earlier and thought this was waste of time. There was nothing much around and we reached the cab along with the other family and waited for the newlyweds to come who were shooting balloons in the local fair!! This continued to happen in all the other spots as well and we got used to this as it helped us bond with the other family who also turned up  on time. Our favorite pass-time was to gossip about the newlyweds. 🙂 We went to the botanical garden, rose garden and skipped few view points as sky rocca had better view. All I could see here was plastic covers and garbage. It is high-time people realize that they do not visit a place to contaminate it. By the time we finished this, it was just 2.30 PM and we headed back deciding to go for boating in the evening as this was just 1 KM from the hotel (which we end up not going as we were too lazy and had a campfire at 7 PM) After a small nap we headed to the swimming pool which was fantastic and very relaxing. It had an amazing view and it was perfect for my daughter.

Swimming pool @sky rocca

The next morning hotel had arranged for trekking which was not possible with my 3 year old around. So we decided to leave Yercaud and stay in Vellore to visit few temples which we had always wanted to go. After two days of super dooper fun, we visited ratnagiri, sripuram and headed back home after a refreshing short vacation.

Back to work hoping to take my work more serious as per my COO’s suggestion only to find that he was going on a vacation the next week. 😉