Book Review: The great tulip trade for 5-6 year old


This book written by Beth Wagner Brust is about a girl named Anna who receives 8 tulips on her eighth birthday from her dad and how she trades 7 of them for a painting, a cabinet,  cot,  cat and many such things. After trading the seven tulips for more items than Anna could imagine, she retains the eighth one as it is a gift from her father.

This book belongs to level 3 reading category.  The title might suggest that the book will teach about trading and will not be quite imageinteresting like a story book. That is not at all true!!!

The book is quite interesting and my daughter enjoyed reading about tulips and came to know about the most beautiful and very rare Semper Augustus and when she googled to know what it looked like she simply loved the magnificent tulip. The kids will also get to know that Tulip trading was quite famous for a period of time!

This book has 48 pages and is neatly written.Since it is easy, and if you think your kid has the patience to go through all the pages, then I suggest it for a four year old kid as well.

It has very minimal educational value but definitely a thumbs up for early readers. Go for it! Have a good read!



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