Love-Respect-Fear-Save Nature! Only nature can save you!

One fine morning, after finishing off a Badminton game, my husband found this beautiful artist sitting on his car windshield.. He casually clicked it and showed it to me. Truly a marvelous creation of nature. The color just got me, the perfect border and those spots as though it was drawn after measuring the space. How can it be so flawless? With perfect harmony? Beautiful color? Pink and white lines?

Giving credit to God is going to open a whole range of discussion, I truly feel and believe that it is mother nature who loves each and every living and non living being equally. This always gives me a sense of peace and a warning

“Saving nature is not a service that you render; it is one’s responsibility”

Nature doesn’t need us! Only we need nature! The more we abuse it, the bigger we are going to pay for it! Mother nature can wipe us off the planet and give life to whole new range of species in no time. Only she can say, ‘anything is possible’. Beware and save earth before it is too late. To those who find this post a bit too dramatic, wake up and realize what is happening around you. Time to bring a change.. to make this heaven stay that way for the next generation. It is our responsibility to enjoy it and hand it over to others just the way it was given to us!

We don’t have to do anything on a larger scale. Don’t have to spend money. Just tiny steps,

  1. Stop wasting water.
  2. Consider nature as person you meet. Just be courteous and kind.
  3. You can not do anything as it pleases. You cannot pluck leaves/flowers or pull out a sapling while you are on a call.
  4. Don’t litter. Is it too much to ask for? If you visit another country, you follow all the rules. Why can’t you do it to keep your city clean and pollution free?
  5. Are you coming out of office/school/or college, pour the leftover water from your water bottle on to a plant.
  6. You run a company, just have a big drum to collect such leftover water and later use it on for watering plants.
  7. You live in an apartment, set up a terrace garden, work on patio gardening. It will be cheaper than the decor items you buy!
  8. As much as possible, spread the word. Don’t just do it for a day and stop.
  9. Teach all this to your kid. Teach your kid to love nature, respect nature and also to save nature. It will go a long way..



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