Book Review : Little Miss Naughty


The next book I picked was Little Miss Naughty by Roger Hargreaves. This book has one of the nicest and comical illustrations that will attract kids. Little miss naughty is nothing but an egg shaped doodle who likes to be naughty all the time. One fine day she wakes up and says it feels like a good day to be naughty and continues to be behave naughtily  with people she meets that day.

If you are expecting her to say sorry for the trouble she causes or the book to end with a note on discipline you will be disappointed. Even though that is important, that alone should not be the deciding factor when you pick this book. This is what I felt:

It is fun..

Great Illustrations!

Short sentences with good choice of words.

and the book size is easy enough to hold with just one hand.

Would have been much much better if Little Miss Naughty realises and says sorry for the trouble she causes

If you feel it is too plain without a plot or a good note, you can just skip this series.If you are looking for a casual read, then I suggest you let your child decide if she/he wants to go for this series. At the end of it you can discuss with your child and explain how she doesn’t apologize for the troubles she causes.

Have a goodread!


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