Book Review: How the kangaroo got his jump?


After a really long time, I have started writing again and this time I am planning on reviewing books, movies, events and places that are kids specific from a mother’s point of view. So here is my first post..

I picked this book for my 6 year old daughter. I wanted her to try a new genre apart from Dr Seuss and princess kinds. This book is about how a kangaroo asks different Gods in Australia to change his appearance and one of them sends yellow dog Dingy to chase him till the eve. The kangaroo tired of running the whole day finally hops with it hind legs shortened. It goes on for about 25 pages. If your kid has read couple of books earlier, then you can definitely try it. If they have just started then I will not recommend it, as it is pretty lengthy and not very interesting like a story with a fictional plot.

It is worth a read and has great illustrations by Priya Kurian which my daughter absolutely loved and I enjoyed it too. This books will definitely improve their vocabulary and reading skills. Have a good read!


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