Call it spiritual or not.. but surprising and peaceful it was..

We were expecting people doing yoga in a big hall surrounded by mirrors when we all boarded that train one night.. though the traveling was horrible, we were relieved to see that it had rained last night in Coimbatore! 😎  In less than fourty five minutes we reached isha yoga centre in a local cab. It was located at the foothills of vellangiri hills. It looked a bit shabby or should I say the ‘under construction’ kinds. But what we saw was just breathtaking!!




The majestic nandhi statue that welcomed us


I personally was not able to relate to the place religiously/spiritually! The ‘history’ and the logic they give for every activity was somehow not very convincing. But that did not stop up from admiring this marvelous place. It was so relaxing and peaceful. Two annoying things were – everyone calls you Akka/anna irrespective of your age 😨😠 and 24×7 you have to wear an id card else you get questioned a zillion times.

On a serious note, be extra careful esp if you are visiting with your kids. You will come across a snake at least once as you have to walk all the way out of this place to eat.

Final verdict : worth a visit


2 thoughts on “Call it spiritual or not.. but surprising and peaceful it was..

  1. hey archana awesome article… totally superb with super doooooper pictures… aana indha paambuthan konjam terror ah iruku…… Vaazhtthukkal.. Kalakkunga…. :):)


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