the cherished gift of love…

You feed them, give them bath, change diapers, entertain them and put them to sleep. With very little spare time you get, you need to finish chores, give yourself a bath, feed yourself.. After all that you do,  it is a wonder how your little girl becomes daddy’s little girl with no time. She waits for him to come back from work just to play with him!! I have often found this dramatic love annoying until  I realized that I am still my daddy’s little girl and I don’t love my mom any lesser..


She can be daddy’s little girl but I know she will still love me equally if possible more.. and this realization will definitely let me sleep peacefully at least still she starts dating!!! I am happy that she has got a loving father just like mine.. what more can a daughter ask for??


6 thoughts on “the cherished gift of love…

  1. Well said.. He is really a fantastic dad. He takes full care.. U also superb mom. U teach her Each and everything in a perfect way.. Other than this what else a daughter wants… superb superb superb… I love this blog… sema..


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