How I love it when someone else cooks!!

I am a terrible terrible cook. I accept that..

All I think while I am in kitchen is that when I will ever get out. I always wonder when some of my friends tell me howwww they lovvvve cooking and how it makes them relax!! For me it is “chop chop, cook cook and push-off” thing, I can’t let my family starve and that is the only thing that makes me want to step into kitchen.. Fortunately, my better half loves to cook, he says it makes him so happy when others have a satisfied grin after hogging all that he has cooked (and yes the famous joey’s satisfied smile, nod and the yummy sound too).  Believe me his food tastes out of the world, it’s just brilliant.. Even if I try the same dish, it does not turn out that well.. All the books and forwarded  mails that i laughed at, cunningly laughs at me now..

Afterall it is true that it is not the ingredients or recipe that brings out a marvellous dish. It is pure love for cooking and the effort you take to make it delicious for those who eat, in my case to those who hog , makes it spectacular. Cooking is not for all.. of course people like me can still cook but it will never reach the heart!! I am happy that my family accepts the bad cook in me.. I happily enjoy the best cook in him. My food critic says so too.. she is none but my 3 year ld daughter who is such a poor eater which brought out the cook in my husband which has proved very very beneficial to my daughter and myself. 🙂

Thanks to internet, master chef australia and youtube, everyweek we get to eat a new dish..


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