Everytime… At the last minute :)


I have always wondered if I will ever go for a movie on time. Will I ever get to watch a movie right from the title card!! Every time we (“we” generally means my husband, two of our friends and of course me) decide to watch a movie only at the last minute and every time these guys will manage to get tickets… (Then why the hell can’t they get it earlier will always remain a mystery to me!)

They will either get hold of the tickets an hour before the movie starts or just 5 minute before the actual movie. There starts our mini marathon.. The driver will be dashing through the traffic and the navigator will suggest all those confusing narrow roads. God only knows how they will even think of such roads. Next 15 minutes will be of new roads, abusing auto drivers, yelling at the two wheelers, more new diversion, more abusing and more yelling. Finally, we will reach the mall and there will be a big parking Q. With more swearing, we will park our cars, carry my daughter and run towards the mall lift. My 2 year old daughter will be so excited with all the activity around her. Finally, we will reach the screen, no more time wasted for the ticket checking, as the guy will be long gone. Who would go for a movie that has started half an hour back!!

Then, mercilessly we will use the flash available in one of our mobiles (always prashanth does this) to search for the seats. With lot of viewers mumbling & sighing, disturbing the entire audience, we will get settled. By the time we start following the story and my daughter dozes, the intermission will be up. 😉


8 thoughts on “Everytime… At the last minute :)

  1. ya very true.. we always did that only… but in PVR they will start late only that is the perfect theatre for us..


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