What to expect when you are expecting???

If you think this blog is going to enlighten you on pregnancy symptoms or health tips, kindly ignore it. This is not some routine advice given for expecting young mothers; this is about the sudden behavioural change in people around you. 

 First few things you will notice are

  1. everybody will become a doctor
  2. You will get free advice (even from a stranger you meet in the bus!!)
  3. Right from your office security guard – to your – neighbour, you will be slapped with health tips.

 Yeah I know people care for you especially when you are pregnant but it starts getting on your nerve when you actually have to undergo the tri-semesters with a zillion symptoms along with everybody nagging you like a Chihuahua. Every now  and then you have to put on a “ I know, Your advice really helped, Thank you so much, that is really sweet” FACE where you will actually want to say PLEASE ENOUGH WITH THE FREE ADVICE, NOW SCRAM. No, you cannot actually say that because you actually know they really care. It is just that they don’t know when to stop it. Even if you yell at them, it is called the “pregnancy mood swings”. Now this is your little perk at being pregnant.. Use it wise 😉

You might have been invisible to your colleagues and your family members but now you are right on the spot. If you need a glass of fresh juice, want to photocopy a document, schedule a meeting in your floor just say it and consider it done. Everybody becomes extra-ordinarily benevolent at this time. You need not be relatives, you need not be great friends.. Even if he/she is a total stranger they are always ready to run an errand for you anytime. This might sound very odd but a total stranger would save you a seat in the bus, offers to carry your bag at a mart.. So the next time when someone advice all you need to do is

  • Nod your head for everything
  • But follow your own instinct

That way you will have your own list to suggest when you see an expecting mother 😉


4 thoughts on “What to expect when you are expecting???

  1. he he.. yeah…
    but hang on… am i missing something here? Is there a second one in the making? 🙂 Deechu wud be delighted to have a sibling!!


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