It is bliss to sit idle!!!


I have often heard people complain about how they have plenty of time and have nothing to do. Either it is “I’m just spinning wheels” or “I’m so bored, I’m just sitting idle”.  I was one among them until a year ago. But now all i wish for is to sit for ten minutes straight and i know it’s not possible for the next five or six years. With a toddler around, you have to be on constant vigilance.. either it will be the faucet running, raw vegetables sitting neatly on the sofa or the scattered documents on your living room. At times it goes to the extent of seeing your kid’s finger perfectly inside the socket. When you even think to resolve any of these you can sense the toys skittering down the pile on to your head. With every passing day, you get to experience innovative pranks which are actually endurance tests to mothers.

Though you live in a tensed up environment you have amazing little perks to brighten up the rest of your day. Little pat on your back from your son/daughter for doing things that they approve, a tight cuddle,   and magnificent smile will make up for everything. But still you will need some time for yourself at the least to recharge yourself.

It will no more seem normal to see your friends going for a movie, having peaceful dinners without having to witness tantrums or even when they grab a cup of coffee. I tell myself it is too much to wish for 🙂 My routine awaits me as soon as my daughter wakes up. Next time when you complain about being idle think of the young mothers for whom everyday is quite a challenge, where there are no bosses to give an excuse and no rooms for mistakes.

If I could just sit idle for sometime….


2 thoughts on “It is bliss to sit idle!!!

  1. Honestly, I do wish I could sit idle for a while; though don’t have pressing concerns such as having to run behind a toddler as of now! Good start, Archana 🙂 Keep writing!


  2. lol… true that!
    Talk to me abt sitting idle @ home! 😀
    It must be lot of fun and a whole lot of effort too, to watch your toddler grow up!
    Wait till Deechu grows up and goes to school… u will miss this phase then.. 🙂


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